Contract of users

 The’access to services of INCONTRIBOOK presupposes the willingness on the part of’user hardware and software suitable and therefore compatible with the level of upgrade that the manager should be taken in the course of use in order to optimize the management of the service.

1. The’registration

  To make the’subscription to the service of INCONTRIBOOK the user must have at least 18 years old at the time of enrollment, and the user has’obligation to fill in all the exams that are required, the’user and responsible for everything that declares at the time of enrollment. The’Registration is Free!

2. User and password

   To access our service need to use a username and password. These are data on and operates closely are personal. The’member has the’commitments on the take care of your data. In the event of use of third parties, the’user and directly responsible for the misuse of your data.In the case in which the’writing communicates its data to third parties our service has the EU law of the profile I cancel without avisso. The’writing can change his password and our service can find her new password and password latest messages will be changed from time to time. If the’user forgets the password, to turn the service can quickly get the new password on the registration email, clicking on the item”password NUOVA”, put your nickname and email registration real quickly sent a new password. In case of loss, theft and loss of access codes, the’writing and requested to notify immediately so that they can invalidate and replace with new codes.


   SERVICE INCONTRIBOOK provides some services free of charge some fee. For women and also for the’men and our service fee.Men looking for women, women seeking men, women seeking women, men seeking men, all the services are extra if you want to use our services aparte the members who just want to use the’free signup. To avail the services you just l’entry to the site, choose a username and password. So you can turn to the free service. Possibility to register by entering the data to make the profile, other users have the possibility to contact the new user. The research is carried out on the item”search” and there are multiple possibilities of looking after: age, profile with photo and users online. All messages will exist research profile view with data selected search. -list a maximum of three pictures on the profile; -send “like”-the default voice ice breaker I; -Ability to view all photos of a certain profile in a quick and casual; – In case you receive a message you have the possibility to see only the sender and to answer you have to subscribe; – Block users you have the chance to nn receive messages from the users with whom you want to have a contact us.



Bronze Package allows unlimited chat, unlimited messaging, unlimited photos for 1 month.

Silver Package allows unlimited chat, unlimited messaging, unlimited photos, video chat for 3 months.

Gold package allows unlimited chat, unlimited messaging, unlimited photos, video chat for 6 months.

With the SIlver subscription you can CHAT/MESSAGE with all the users which Upgrated their accounts. You can see a GOLD member but Gold members can’t see you. With the GOLD subscription you can CHAT/MESSAGE with all the users which Upgrated their accounts. You can see a Platinum member but Platinum members can’t see you


-You can send messages without limitations

-You can read the messages received without limitations

-You can call or be called in chat without limitations

-You can use the service to chat without limitations

-You can send or receive messages even if the user of the sender or receiver box and full

-Consulting service INCONTRIBOOK puts his experience at your service for any problem that afronte the profile.

All services mentioned above are all fully charge. The’not paying will be notified in writing of the fact that certain services can be used only subscribe all times also will want access to certain services.


La cancellazione del profilo può essere fatto in ogni momento in quale l’writing nn wants more use our service from accessing and voice”delete profile”, them by clicking the profile will be immediately canceled and all data set provided to our service. To remove Your INCONTRIBOOK Payment must navigate inaccount Preferences ->(and click) “Remove account”.

7. COPYRIGHT All content of our service INCONTRIBOOK type logos, photographs, animations, video, graphics,can not be reproduced,copied and used of other services. The’registered are strictly limited and nn can download, print, or play back a everything that keeps our service. The pages of the site nn may be copied or distributed or exploit out of our site.For any problem, please contact our contacts: contact email: [email protected]

Payments Support: Please visit these sites:

  CentralPay Cardholder Support

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